Wednesday, April 1, 2009

my blog is rather dead but still..i feel like blogging suddenly..i know i should be studying chem now but i really don't want to cus i am not in the mood:(:(
played against CCS today..and lost to them but quite a bit:(oh well..that seriously suxs..
1stly i felt so uncomfortable..due to..ahem..ya..then after that a girl accidentally poked so hard into my eye that my contacts fell out..walao!it really hurts like shit man!i was like &@#@&$(&!!!my eye kept tearing:(cus it really hurts like crap.then jl was screaming at me cus we changed the defence n i did nt know cus i was so distracted by the stupid eye:(:(so i was like a crazy woman cus i was so dizzy with only one contacts in the eye..i was like OMG SAVE ME GOD!and believe it or not..theres more to it..i got knocked so hard on the nose!!OMG and i fell so many times..cus i was like ??!!!lost! my shots are even as if i passing to the other side..then i was like eh..wad STUPID!embarrassing to the MAX LUH!*faints*now my whole body is in pain:( i don't really like this mans:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
wah that felt so good venting all my feelings but theres more to it:/ oh well..the match is over..i wished i could scream, i wish i could cry out loud cus i've disappointed the team,jl,teachers.
its easy to perform,but its really tough to mantain.
cause when you perform they have expectations for the next match,and thats when you feel the disppointment.

people only have regrets when they never give their best.


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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the only thing that is holding me back,
would be the last thing u ever want to find out.

the problem lies with me.


*simply me*|1:11 PM|

Sunday, January 25, 2009

o.0 my blog is rather dead:X oh chinese new year n i don't even so called feel the qi fen..still in my mum's shop and i just finished helping her freaking tired..people are so impatient they keep chaising me and all..hello i am a freaking human which can only do things ONE STEP AT A unorganised.haha..everyone just keep telling me their invoice no. and i was like=.=" dying??! my parents are getting all stressed up and all..cause we're facing alot of problems with scary...MONEY IS seriously hard tiring man..oh well going to have reunion dinner dinner tonight..O.o nice!on well..nothing much today just worded and worked:( happy man!haha..ITS A NIU YEAR!yay!

oh well..i just recovered my being sick:(and that sucks i stayed at home for two full days to STUDY!so guai right!haha..but then i'm feeling much better..i want to run..i feel fat and slack!rhymes..haha..i feel stinky now..and i want to bathe!but i am like on the other side of singapore..away from my homw sweet home!:(:(:(..oh for school life everythings seriosly sucks!:(i don't really like it:(i am gg to miss class every mon agn for match..and i hope i will be able to balance everything out well..
jia you b'div!do your best and make all of the people out their surpporting us proud!
nothing is impossible..lessoned learned..and we're going to change to make things what it should be..球是圆的!
we don't let other people control our faith..we can do it ourselves..cause we're SC!
SHOW THAT We deserve it!


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Saturday, December 27, 2008

School's going to start like in days time and that seriously suckS!:(:(
this Christmas is so..."FUN" went to help mum to work and i was damn tired..people keep complaining and all..if they think so easy to do then ask them do it themselves luH!=.=" they said the customers are always right!:(oh thats how my x'mas eve and x'mas just passed:/ well..yesterday had a game with AES..lost :( oh well..i don't really know wads happening actually..cause i was so tired..then keep stoning! i just stare into air..cus my brain is like dead?! then had punishment..jl made us ran suicides ..that was kinda killer..cause i was very tired..and i dragged myself out of bed..i was seriously half dead..or probably dead imagine aft that:(:(:(:(:(:(oh well..and i was killed cause i tried to shoot so many n not even 1 got in..i only could do under basket and layup..well..i guess its not counted as an effort:/ i really tried to shoot but the freaking ball never go even though go in half way also come out!!!wth! i feel so helpless to the team and myself too..i really feel that i am trying very hard to make the best out of me..but i seriously ..aye...maybe i am trying hard but not hard enough to meet the expectation:(i am so tired of trying already..feel like just going crazy..just feel like asking some one anyone to help me..but i don't know who the someone is or who the some one will be when i don't have anyone with me..

then went to eat with khoon and the indian place..the mee goreng was so spicy..i eat until i...oh well then me and shan ordered another prata to eat..cus we could not eat the mee goreng finish..haha..khoon was the goreng eater..haha..then went home with khoon..we went swimming!whoo..haha..thanks khoon for companying me to the super market aft that:)
today gg to khoons house to make some stuff for the bbq tonight!hope it would be fun..

if avoiding is what you think is right for you.then i have nothing to say but to respect your decision.i can understand that maybe by not talking to us you won't feel the pain as bad as if u were..just wish you the best of luck..your presence does not matter cause your already in my heart(:its that that makes me strong enough to face the truth..take care!


*simply me*|8:42 AM|

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

alot of things happened this few days...well...
i am too tired to think so much..or anything to do with using my brain.
my whole holiday was so torturous for me..i feel so stretched and so exhausted from everything.
and time seems to past so fast that i haven't completed anything..
i feel so screwed and all...especially for my stupid homework..that keeps me worrying:(
haiz sch is gg to start like in weeks time..and soon days..and i don't even have the mood to freaking study!!
i wish i could go to some place..that keeps my mind off things to something like recharge my "energy" then i will come back and do what i have to..
i know i am loosing the drive..the will to fight for what i want..
but i can't seem to give anymore..cause i gave the best i could..
somehow giving in is difficult but i am trying pressure??maybe thats the best.
i not afraid of any other thing other that letting my people that believe in me down.
thanks to the people that helped me throughout this tough time i had..
i really appreciate for all you have done for me..
big thank you to all!
time is all i need.


*simply me*|11:02 PM|

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

khoon with eyeliner!!!rare!haha..look so cool right???(i mean me hor!)hehehe
oops..this is kinda blur but still we look fine:Xahahahah:)yay!
me and yao..yao looks like he face got smthing wrong luh!god!hahahaahhahah..loser!
this is the no. 1234!YAY!haha..

this looks!yay!


*simply me*|8:39 PM|

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

haven't blogged for years man..been rather busy with alot of things these few days.
camp in just 2days time.hope it will be successful:)
sometimes things just don't go the way you plan things to be..
and people that are supposedly supporting you..just only pretends to want to help..
i can feel who are helping me because they have to and because they want to..
cause people just sometimes tend to show it all..
you're behaving like this so i will just have to play to act like all goodie to you as well.
well..i don't know neither do i care anymore about it..cause i just want to keep focus.
thats wad matters most.
stay happy yalL!cause holidays just come and go..(:(:

i've been given this faith,this life..and all i can do is cherish it.
1 life no regrets..all this just made me learn to be stronger.


*simply me*|4:43 PM|

Sunday, November 23, 2008

today went out with mum in the late-morning to eat lunch and it was freaking gross..
i ate the steak..which is like super duper horrible!god!
i almost choke to was like stone steak..and ewww..just don't even feel like imagining it..

then went to meet shan at crown!we actually planned to study but then in the end....(XXXXXX) we 1st went plaza sing..wanted to catch a movie but then there was no like nice we thought of watching scary movie but then we're both human beings that are freaking scared and the big problem is that its NC16!hahaha..and with shan..i so can't get the ticket..hahah..(joking) we went arcade to shoot balls..then we played 2 games at 1st..then we change game and played this weird game..which have to do with throwing balls as well..but to like break hearts and hit ppl and kill mice!hahah..but aft that it said GAME OVER THEN WE WERE LIKE WAAAAAAD!=.="!! annoying man!!waste 4 coins leh??!
so we got nothing to do so we walked around and my dear shan don't want to go bowling with me:(so we decided to go bugis street!and that was when all the fun started..but lets talk about how we got there..1st we took the train happily and then we realized it was going wrong direction!then i was OMGOMG!!!hahah..we laughed like mad woman..but then shan said.."i'm going to be calm & composed" then she started laughing like siao..then i was like yeah..calm and so composed..=.="hhaahahah..okay then when we got there we started eating...and eating..wa..fatt fatt luH!haha..then we went bugis freaking HOT AND our backs were aching cus we got books in our bags..(as our plan was to study)hahah..then 1st i bought i watch and then shan bought earings when we never see other stalls ..they got a larger variety..shan face was like (=.="""""""!)hahahah..then we continued to walk and saw alot of very funny shits and bought the same shirt which says "arms are for hugging"haha..but we got different color:):)then we went back to bugis cus it was damn HOT!then this is where shan saw her LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!SHE CAN'T KEEP HER EYES OF IT!(shan dun smile at the com) and it was the CONVERSE BAG =.=""" ahahaah....then her eyes was glued to it man!talking to me but looking at the bag when its like kinda far away last SHE BOUGHT IT!so typical shan...then i was whining away..cause i wanted to get back my bag we walked back to bugis street and got my cool zinc bag..haha..AND THEN THATS THE END OF MY ADVENTURE WITH SHAN AND ANNA:):)

haha..thanks shan for today:)spent alot alot of money but super happy:)haha:)next stop queensway and bugis street for NAILS:X OMG BIMBO!!!!! ya:)

2mr got match with nanyang and training in the morning!!SC jiayou and do your best alright?:)
i'll give my 120% jiayou all!:)mental prep!!!


*simply me*|10:48 PM|

Saturday, November 22, 2008

i am crazy..simply crazy...
i really cannot stop the tears from coming out..
just help me stop this whole thing.
i really cannot do it myself..
i really can't.why is this happening?


*simply me*|12:57 PM|

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